Plant Power vs. Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale

Remember those cartoons where a character’s conscience would appear as a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other?

Ever had your vegan conscience tested like that?

Where the angel says, “Eat kale, run a marathon, sprout something! It will make you a good person and a role model for veganism and not a drain on the public health system.”

And you pretend to listen while the devil surreptitiously feeds you cinnamon buns with extra icing?

No? Just me?

Well, get ready, because the smackdown between the angel and devil vegan in all of us will be happening this weekend.

By some bizarre coincidence, Plant Power 2013 and the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale are both scheduled for Saturday, April 20th.

So which will it be folks? Plant Power with Dr. Greger’s sensible health advice and Rich Roll’s buns of steel? Or the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale with its cheerful disregard for all sensible health advice and some big fat buns of cinnamon?

Actually, Plant Power sold out a while ago. So you might as well just suck it up (your gut, that is) and go to the bake sale. And if you’re feeling guilty, don’t. Proceeds from the sale go to the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and the Otesha Project (which I’d never heard of before but has something to do with bikes and theatre and eco-friendly youth – awesome!).

See? A good deed even your little vegan devil will love. Oh, and if you want to guarantee your spot in vegan heaven, I think the bake sale organizers are still looking for bakers 🙂

Ticket for Plant Power 2013 Up for Grabs!

As part of the NCVA’s package for supporting Plant Power 2013, we got a ticket to the event.

The NCVA board members are, of course, far too selfless and honorable to keep it for themselves. And while giving it to a loyal volunteer seemed a good option, there was the fear that it would cause all non-recipient volunteers to immediately sprout fangs and descend upon us in an angry flapping mass.

So we decided to auction it off and give the proceeds to charity. Specifically, we’ll add the extra cash to the pancake breakfast revenue that we’ll be delivering very shortly to the Fauna Foundation Chimpanzee and farm animal sanctuary.

The minimum bid is $50 (the retail price). Email your bid to Bidding will close Monday, April 15 at 8 pm. I (Erin) will then email the highest bidder and provide instructions for how to pay for the ticket online. If there’s a tie for highest bid, we’ll randomly pick a winner from the tied bids.

It’s sure to be an awesome event, even if you’re not a health & fitness buff. Dr. Greger is a great speaker – and Rich Roll looks like a super hero and I’m pretty sure he was also on Quantum Leap!

THE HIGH BID IS CURRENTLY $100 (as of 7:11 pm, MONDAY April 15)

NCVA Pancake Breakfast Logistics – Crucial Info for Optimal Breakfast Experience

Good morning pancake lovers!

Just wanted to remind everyone of this Saturday’s vegan pancake/waffle breakfast and to provide some logistical details.

The what, where and when are already posted here.

Some other important stuff:

1) The event runs from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm. We’ll be cooking the whole time so don’t all feel compelled to show up right at 9:30. 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00…basically whenever you drag your sorry self out of bed is good by us.

Here is the front entrance.

2) Parking: It’s in a residential area, so there’s a goodly amount of street parking. Worst case scenario is you’ll have to walk a few blocks. And really, given you’re about to eat about a pound of starch, that may not be a bad thing. And hey, see that wee blue thing in the picture – a bike rack! From what I understand, this is a very hippie building (in a good way), so I’m sure there are lots more of those around. Here’s a map.

3) Plates, utensils, cups, mugs. We’ll have disposable stuff. But won’t you be setting an excellent example for the youngsters if you bring your own re-usable stuff?

4) We’re also going to have samples of  Nelakee vegan bacon and Yves’ vegan sausage links. Unfortunately, there will be a one-piece per person limit on these  because they’re damn expensive. We’re mostly just bringing them so neophyte veggies can try them out; and because we want the hipsters to come and apparently they don’t go anywhere there’s not bacon. We’ll cook batches throughout the day so latecomers can try ’em too.

5) We’ll have a donation jar for Fauna there, in case you want to make a bigger donation. Which you will if you are a good person and not going to hell.

6) Don’t forget we’ll be collecting garage-sale donations for the Great Glebe Garage sale (proceeds to Project Jessie)

7) Fabric: What? Yes, fabric. Turns out there’s a fabric sale going on in the area and the organizers asked us to let our breakfasters know. Just in case they need some fabric to make, say, some larger pants. Check out the ad below.