Vegan Feast at Ceylonta Restaurant

Since discovering Ceylonta South Indian restaurant a few months ago, it’s become a regular haunt for Neil and me. 

Thank the wonderful food. But even more so, thank the lovely hostess Tamara. She always helps us select vegan-friendly items from the extensive menu.

On the day we took these photos, we had three of our staple dishes: Roti with Coconut Sambal, Kothu Roti, and Vegetarian (vegan) Thali.

Neil ate the devilled potatoes

We skipped the Dosa that day. Largely because it’s the size and shape of a baseball bat and it wouldn’t fit on our two-person table.

We also skipped the Devilled Potatoes. Because they cause your head to catch on fire and we’d left our motorcycles at home. If I have to tell you that’s a Ghost Rider reference, you need to get out more. Or one of us does.

Anyway, here are some pics of the feast.

Roti with Coconut Sambal

I highly recommend everyone check the place out. The Roti alone is worth the trip. In fact, if you got nothing but several orders of Roti and Coconut Sambal, I would applaud your wisdom and commitment to getting fat.

And I encourage everyone to ask for Tamara’s help picking your vegan dishes. She’s been there every time we’ve gone and is loveliness and helpfulness personified. And I honestly don’t know if the dishes were already vegan or if she had the chef veganize them for us – so better to be safe than sorry!

Vegetarian Thali. Not sure if it's naturally vegan or veganized for us.


Kothu Roti. Key word being "roti". What mad genius thought of mixing roti in with the dish?

Veg Fest on hiatus


It is with regret that we must announce that after five successful years, Ottawa Veg Fest is indefinitely postponed.  It is our hope that it will be revived for 2015, but the event faces several obstacles.

Veg Fest was founded and organized for four years (2009-2012) primarily by two key volunteers who are no longer able to continue to devote the tremendous amount of time and energy that’s required. It was revived in 2013 by another set of organizers who expanded the event.

However, the new organizers were unable to secure a suitable venue at which to hold Veg Fest in 2014. The Saint Paul University venue (2014) is not available for the next few years due to construction on Main Street, and other venues are already booked solid.  That brings the organizers back to the drawing board where venue is concerned.

Identifying a new venue is easier said than done.  Issues include location, suitability (i.e. capacity to have speakers, vendors etc.), price, availability, size, and food service contracts that do not permit Veg Fest vendors to sell food. All venues that were considered have at least one of these obstacles, if not several.

Another issue is our understanding of a city requirement that each food vendor purchase a nearly $200 food sales permit for the event. This was not enforced for years 1-4, and we were able to secure sponsorship from the Main Farmer’s Market for year 5 which negated the need for vendors to purchase this permit.

It is our hope that successful Veg Fests will occur in the future, but it is not realistic that these obstacles will be overcome for 2014. The National Capital Vegetarian Association hopes to continue its outreach efforts with smaller scale events such as the We Animals book signing at the Ottawa Humane Society. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you’re interested in getting involved as part of the NCVA’s Veg Fest 2015 organizing committee, or for other NCVA initiatives.

We are grateful to everyone for his or her support of Veg Fest over the past five years.