2016-2017 NCVA Board of Directors

Earlier this summer, the NCVA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM), and the members who attended elected the new  volunteer Board of Directors. The Board Members for the 2016-2017 year are the following:

Dale (President)

Dale was born and raised in Ottawa where she is currently working as a Realtor.  She is formally trained as a Registered Nurse, and has a BScN from the University of Ottawa. Dale loves promoting a plant-based lifestyle for ethical, environmental and health reasons. She enjoys volunteering with the NVCA and training for triathlon during her spare time. 

Carolyn (Vice-President)

Carolyn is an artist, writer, and vegan activist in Ottawa, Ontario. She loves all animals, and has been an ethical vegan since 2010. She has been blogging about animal rights and veganism for several years, and has recently become more involved in other forms of advocacy. In addition to advocating for the rights of animals, Carolyn spends her time studying, writing, drawing, volunteering, and playing the piano, among other things.


Josée (Membership Coordinator)

Josée is originally from Sudbury ON, and moved to Ottawa in the spring of 2013 after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. She became a vegetarian in her teens for 10 years, and has been a vegan since the fall of 2012. Passionate about sharing the lifestyle, she blogs about veganism on multiple websites and volunteers with the NCVA.



Gwen (Treasurer)

Gwen Hughes was born and raised in Ottawa. She has been vegan for 8 years. She is currently completing the Business Administration – Accounting program at Algonquin College. Growing up with houses full of cats, dogs, and pigeons, Gwen developed an early love for animals of all kinds. She loves cooking, eating, reading, and spreadsheets.



Melanie (Secretary)

Melanie is a registered massage therapist who has done a few kinds of vegan/vegetarian outreach. She also has experience in animal fostering. She would like to invite all vegetarians and vegans of the National Capital Region to join the NCVA so we can become a stronger organization. We don’t have staff, so volunteerism is the heart of the NCVA. If you would like to volunteer, please get in touch with us. Melanie has a keen interest in promoting economic development of vegan food businesses and hopes to make this a priority during her elected term.




Robb has been involved in environmental advocacy for nearly a decade. He wanted to get involved in the NCVA after learning more about the interconnections between animal rights and social and environmental justice. He has experience in non-profit management, political advocacy, fundraising and community organizing. Robb spends his time volunteering, cooking great vegan food and recording music.
In addition, our new Honorary Board Member is Registered Dietitian Susan McFarlane.

The board members’ bios and e-mail addresses can also be found at https://ncva.ca/about/board-members/ .

NCVA Pride at the Community Fair


It was a damp and grey afternoon on Sunday, but that didn’t stop the crowds from celebrating after the Pride Parade at the Community Fair on Bank Street. The NCVA had a table set up right in front of the Herb & Spice, and, with the kindness of a stranger on the street, we even managed to borrow a tent to keep our paperwork, soy milks, and little noggins dry.

We hosted a giveaway which offers three lucky winners either a free NCVA membership card with all the perks and discounts that go along with it, coupons, or soy milk. Over fifty people signed up to enter the contest, and the winners will be announced later this week.

We also handed out a few brochures that simplify a plant-based diet, and shared free soy milk to thirsty party-goers.

Fany, Josee, Stacey, Carolyn and I took shifts at the table and greeted pedestrians telling them about what we do here at the NCVA. There were a lot of people who told us that they were already vegetarian, vegan, or very interested in embarking on a plant-based journey and yet they didn’t know that we existed as a resource in the city. I’m sure we’ve gained a few more members and Facebook followers because of it.

We showed our pride in a few ways. Animal rights are human rights, and there are so many intersections between LGBTQ rights and other types of social justice activism with the vegetarian lifestyle. We’re all just fighting for the oppressed in all their shapes, colours, sizes, genders, sexes and species.

The crowd was wonderful and we surely made new friends. Two very kind strangers even gave us their wacky, colourful balloon peacock tail. It served as a costume at first but then became a beautiful decorative piece with which to adorn our tent. Even a few skeptical vegetarians who claimed to be turned-off by “Why Vegan?” literature, ended up warming up to us and realizing not all activism is aggressive and said they would find us on Facebook. A children’s charity asked us for tips on how to keep a vegetarian child who uses their service well-fed even though their family relies on food banks. We offered some advice and helped them get in touch with people we know who are specialists at that.

All in all, the NCVA made new connections, helped others, and received help as well on Sunday. And, really, what could be more lovely at a Community Fair than building and strengthening community?

-Courtney Edgar


Stop by our table at Capital Pride this weekend!

If you’re going to Capital Pride Parade this weekend, don’t forget to stop by the NCVA’s table at the Community Fair! The Community Fair, on Bank Street between Somerset and Florence, runs from 2pm-7pm on Sunday. Buy an NCVA membership, try a vegan food sample, enter the draw to win a gardein coupon, or pick up one of the “Why Vegan?” brochures at our table!