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Liz Wheeler is a passionate animal advocate who is dedicated to improving the lives of animals in our community. In the past five years, her enthusiasm for connecting people and animals together has led her to a career as a professional fundraiser. She has completed a certificate in Animal Welfare from Thompson Rivers University and a certification in Anthrozoology at the University of Windsor. Liz is the philanthropy officer at Faunalytics. She is the founder of Secondhand Stories, a non-profit bookshop that has raised and donated $22k for her local farm animal sanctuary. She is the creator of Ottawa For The Animals, an advocacy initiative that interviews experts on animal protection topics. She is a cat mom and dedicated feline enthusiast. When she’s not busy advocating for animals, she enjoys snacking on delicious vegan food and reading in her backyard hammock with her husband.

You can reach Liz at info@vegottawa.org

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