About VegOttawa

VegOttawa Association, formerly known as The National Capital Vegetarian Association (NCVA), is a not-for-profit membership-based organization created to educate the public about the health benefits of plant-based diets for the improvement of public health. VegOttawa strives to represent people in Ottawa and the National Capital Region who are vegan, plant based, vegetarian or supportive of the many benefits of consuming plants.

The public benefits from VegOttawa’s work because of increased awareness of preventative health care strategies that are aided by healthy diet and lifestyle, while those following a plant-based diet benefit from improved access to information, connections with like-minded community members, and an improved social infrastructure supporting a plant-based diet.

VegOttawa is working to create an environment within which everyone has the knowledge and ability to take control of their own health, prevent health problems from occurring, and live healthier lifestyles overall.

VegOttawa Association’s objectives include:

  • Increasing public awareness about the benefits of plant-based diets and help people make healthier, greener and more compassionate dietary and lifestyle choices.
  • Providing support and advice to those interested in, considering, or practising vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.
  • Providing support to businesses and restaurants to improve plant-based food options to respond to the growing demand for vegetarian and vegan consumers.
  • Connecting like-minded community members and improving the social infrastructure that supports a plant based diet.
  • Actively seeking media coverage of vegetarian and vegan issues. Serve as a resource for local, regional, and national television, radio, and print media.

2019 Events, Activities and Accomplishments

  1. Hosted well-attended vegan brunch potluck (YUM & FUN!)
  2. Represented VegOttawa at Ottawa VegFest 2019 (sold 60 VO memberships)
  3. Hosted Beyond Meat(sausages & burgers) BBQ potluck at Vincent Massey Park
  4. Hosted screening of “A Prayer For Compassion” at Saint-Paul University with guest speaker, producer Dr. Sailesh Rao
  5. Hosted screening of Dr. Greger’s “How Not To Die” at Copper Branch Barrhaven with guest speaker Dr. Jennifer Purdy
  6. Major supporter of the International Vegan Film Festival
  7. Financially supported Nation Rising with a $500 donation
  8. Donated 113 Tofurky Roasts to the Ottawa Food Bank, Kanata Food Cupboard & FAMSAC to offer plant based holiday meals to people in need
  9. Hosted Dr. Greger’s visit on March 9th at Algonquin Commons Theatre for his “How Not to Diet” speaking tour. Sold Out!
  10. Completed the name change from National Capital Vegetarian Association to VegOttawa Association
  11. Made significant changes to the website
  12. Added new discount offerings: Copper Branch Barrhaven, Cinnaholic, World Financial Group



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