Volunteer Opportunities

VegOttawa Association is operated entirely by volunteers, which means volunteer support is always needed! Volunteers are the backbone of everything we do, and we welcome new volunteers throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering please complete the application at the bottom of the page. We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

Volunteer Events Coordinator
This position is ideal for an outgoing individual who is passionate about promoting, supporting and inspiring a vegan lifestyle. This commitment requires approximately 6+ hours per month. 

Role Description

  • Creating and maintaining a list of potential tabling events for VegOttawa such as community events, festivals, markets and more;
  • Creating and maintaining a list of conferences and online events for VegOttawa Board & Volunteers to consider attending;
  • Communicating with event hosts and inquiring for non-profit table discounts;
  • Assisting at events as required;

Volunteer Collaboration Coordinator

Role Description

  • Creating and maintaining an outreach list of potential VegOttawa partners including Societies, Associations, Social Communities, Festivals, News Agencies, Politicians, Influencers and others.
  • Assist the president in the creation of a VegOttawa Coalition including tasks such as:
    • Speaker and attendee outreach
    • Google forms creation
    • Research current City of Ottawa policies

Volunteer Humane Education Ambassador
This position is ideal for an educator who is passionate about animal protection, climate, health and the intersection of social justice issues with veganism.

Role Description

  • Attending the Educators for Animals Conference (August 17th & 18th);
  • Creating and maintaining guides for primary and secondary schools with resources for humane education alternatives;
  • Establishing relationships with Ottawa and surrounding area district school boards and liaising with contacts to offer resources;

Volunteer Blog Writer
This position is ideal for someone looking for a casual position, who is able to take a few notes and create a 500-750 word blog. Open to high-school students looking to secure their volunteer hours.

Role Description

  • Write 500-750 word blog posts using direction from VegOttawa board;
  • Share blog posts on social media, expanding VegOttawa’s reach.

VegOttawa volunteers gain valuable experience, meet like-minded people, and support VegOttawa’s work to promote plant-based lifestyles in the Ottawa area! If you are interested in volunteering with VegOttawa, please fill out our volunteer application form below, and we will contact you with more information.