Welcome to VegOttawa, the blog for the National Capital Vegetarian Association

The past couple of years have seen an impressive growth in vegan products, services, and restaurants in the Ottawa region.  In this blog, we hope to provide a one-stop resource of all things veg in the nation’s capital.

The National Capital Vegetarian Association (NCVA) is a non-profit, membership-based organization committed to educating the public about the health benefits of eating plant-based foods, and improving the social infrastructure in support of this lifestyle.

The NCVA is working to create an environment within which everyone has the knowledge and ability to take control of their own health, prevent health problems from occurring, and live healthier lifestyles overall.

The NCVA offers a range of social events, participates at fairs and expos, produces educational resources, and works with businesses to make life easier for you.

It is funded solely by donations and partnerships and operated entirely by volunteers.

Disclaimer: We will make every effort to ensure we provide accurate information, but this  blog for informational purposes only. The NCVA does not explicitly endorse specific products or services, nor is it responsible for guaranteeing their vegan-ness. Always use your own discretion!