Celebrating A Vegan Valentine’s Day In Ottawa

If you’re someone who celebrates Valentine’s Day, you might be looking for ways to celebrate the holiday in a vegan way. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas with a vegan twist:

  • Buy sweets for your sweet

Ottawa is blessed with some amazing vegan bakeries who have great treats to share with your special person or people! Little Jo Berry’s has a Valentine’s box with staff picks of Valentine’s themed treats. Strawberry Blonde Bakery has all sorts of tasty baked goods, including seasonal offerings like cookiegrams and chocolate roses. Keepin’ it Vegan Bakery has a selection of love-themed desserts available from Feb 7 to 14, including cookie dough bars and macarons.

  • Make breakfast in bed

Grow Your Roots Foods has the Ultimate Brunch Box to help you level up your brunch cooking. Their recipes and spice kits will ensure that your early morning feast is delicious! Pair this with a delicious coffee or tea from Animated Coffee. This local coffee roaster donates 25% of their proceeds to animal rescue partners.

Top the brunch off with a cinnamon roll from Cinnaholic. You can try their new seasonal rolls or stick to a classic Old Skool Roll. Plus, VegOttawa members save 15% on all purchases at Cinnaholic Lansdowne!

  • Order from a local restaurant

Don’t want to cook but still want to enjoy a special meal? There are lots of vegan-friendly options throughout the city!

Asian Stars has plenty of vegan meals, and VegOttawa members save 10% off items on their vegan menu. Copper Branch Barrhaven is a fully vegan restaurant, and VegOttawa members can save 10% on their order. Hometown Sports Grill prepares vegan twists on classic comfort food, and VegOttawa members save 10% on their vegan items.

  • Do an activity together

PlantEd Project offers community and private cooking workshops where you can learn to make the most delicious recipes with your loved one(s). Plus, you get to enjoy your tasty creations once the workshop finishes! VegOttawa members save 15% on private and community cooking workshops.

If you’re more into fitness, taking a class at Soungui Fitness might be more up your alley! VegOttawa members save 15% on new gym memberships, personal and partner training, virtual classes and fitness apparel.

  • Donate to a cause

If you want a more altruistic way to mark Valentine’s Day, consider donating to a cause that’s important to you and your significant other! Sweet Sanctuary and Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary are local farm sanctuaries that house all sorts of rescued animals. Your donations can help them continue to care for their residents and save even more deserving animals!

There are lots of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but what better way to celebrate than showing your love for those special people in your life AND for some awesome vegan businesses?


Jade Conrad is the current President of VegOttawa Association. She is a passionate vegan and animal rights activist. In addition to their role with VegOttawa, they are a foster parent with Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue and a volunteer with Freedom Drivers. When not volunteering, Jade loves to read, drink tea and cook tasty vegan food.

This post is not sponsored by any of the businesses or organizations listed.

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