Livin’ La Dolce Vita

By Erin

La Dolce Vita means “the good life, full of pleasure and indulgence.” And now, we vegans can enjoy it too!

I’m pleased to announce that La Dolce Vita in Little Italy has agreed to participate in our Restaurant Outreach Program.

If you forget what that is, check out this earlier post.

Basically, we’re asking omni restaurants to include one or two vegan items on their menu and to identify them as such. We in turn promote them on our blog, and post their vegan offerings on our website.

The goal: lots of omni restaurants with clearly identified vegan entrée options. In other words, places where vegans and their omni friends, family, colleagues and clients can dine in harmony. In other words, no more picking at limp salads while our discomfiting but well-intentioned omni dining partners go through the entire menu trying to find us something more substantial.

As it turns out, accommodating vegans was no problem for La Dolce Vita. Their pasta is vegan, as is their pizza dough and sauce. They also do a vegan leek and potato soup, and a vegan Greek dressing for their salads.

Also, since all of their dishes are assembled on-site, many of the meat dishes can easily be veganized. A vegan dessert may also be in the works!

Readers might also like to know that La Dolce Vita also offers many gluten free options.

La Dolce Vita does not offer faux meat or cheese, but customers are invited to bring their own to add to their chosen dish. I know some of y’all might think that’s a bit weird, but keep in mind that we are dealing with small independent restaurants here that have limited space and money for untried inventory.

We’re hoping that once they see the demand, they’ll want to stock our favourite fauxs.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for a meetup announcement for La Dolce Vita, and check out their website.

Since it’s right down the street from me (no coincidence that the Restaurant Outreach Program started in my neighbourhood ;)), I’ll visit soon and post a review. Of course, I’d be thrilled if someone beat me to it!

Stay tuned!

La Dolce Vita is located at 180 Preston Street (613-233-6239)

4 thoughts on “Livin’ La Dolce Vita

  1. vaalea

    It is great when a restaurant happly uses vegan ingredients that we provide when they can’t offer them. Another restaurant that was GREATLY accomodating in this way was Ahora. I believe the first time we went as a meetup group they actually hopped over to [now market organics] for vegan gourmet mozz and sour supreme.

  2. lisa

    great post and very exciting!
    do you know if the gluten free pizza and pasta are also vegan?? usually gluten free pizza crusts tend to have egg…!

  3. VegOttawa

    Vaalea: thanks for the tip – I’ll contact them for sure!
    Lisa: not sure – but the manager there is very accommodating – I recommend giving her a call. Not the kind of place where you should feel shy about discussing ingredients and dietary restrictions.

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