Another Veg Fest speaker to announce

The NCVA is pleased to announce that Deb Gleason will be one of our Veg Fest speakers.

Deb Gleason

Deb is a certified holistic nutritionist, vegan triathlete and yoga teacher as well as co-founder of Wellness Warrior, a wellness and multisport performance coaching business. She has significant experience working for environmental and animal welfare non-profit organizations.

Deb is a non-profit leader, former Homicide Detective, and International Animal Rescue Technician. She believes that when we choose to eat what truly nourishes our bodies, and what causes the least harm to our planet and the animals we share it with – we truly thrive.

Deb will be delivering a presentation on everything you need to know to start cooking delicious, easy vegan meals that will truly nourish you, make you feel fantastic and reduce your impact on the planet. “The time has never been better to embrace this clean, holistic and conscientious way to eat,” she says.

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