Introducing the NCVA’s new Prez and Board

Hard at work, making important decisions

The NCVA held its Annual General Meeting last night at Green Earth Vegetarian Restaurant. Part of that included electing a new board of directors.  With long-time president Pamela Eadie resigning, Josh Flower became the new president (see more on Josh below.)

The new board is as follows:

Josh Flower: President
Corrie Rabbe: Vice President
Kim Marston: Secretary
Neil Harvey: Treasurer
Pamela Eadie: Communications
Erin O’Sullivan: Restaurant Outreach
Nadia Walcott: Business Development
David Fournier: Events/Translation

Introducing the new Prez: Josh Flower

Who is this guy? Oh right, the NCVA's new president, Josh Flower.

Josh Flower is the NCVA’s new volunteer president, taking the helm in March 2011. He is a committed vegan of nine years who became involved with the NCVA in early 2010.

“I first became aware of the NCVA in 2009 when I attended the inaugural Veg Fest,” Josh says. “You can imagine my surprise as I walked into the Glebe Community Centre which was filled to capacity with businesses, revelers and volunteers! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The festival had an extremely professional feel, and the energy was incredible. I walked around, stopping at each exhibitor, taking it all in. After one loop I walked around again to have another look. I couldn’t get enough.”

It inspired him to become a volunteer, and he quickly became an integral part of the NCVA. When the existing president wanted to “retire,” with his enthusiasm and can-do attitude, Josh was an obvious successor. “I feel fortunate to take on this role when the NCVA has never been stronger. In the past year we have welcomed some exceptional volunteers, and our collective commitment to the cause is at an all-time high,” Josh says. He is looking forward to continuing the NCVA’s good work, while also ensuring the organization has a broad-based approach going forward.

He is currently the president of Canadian operations with JobServe, a UK-based job board, where he is responsible for growing their business in Canada. He has previously held positions in the recruitment and banking industries.

Josh was born in London England and grew up in the Ottawa area. He is a graduate of Algonquin College and lived in Calgary and Toronto before returning to Ottawa to raise his family. He lives in the West end with his wife Jenny, their two children, and their cat and dog.

In his spare time Josh enjoys spending time with family and friends, meeting interesting people, listening to music and exercising.

The NCVA's board of directors. Back, from left to right: David Fournier, Kim Marston, Neil Harvey, Pamela Eadie and Josh Flower. Front left to right: Erin O'Sullivan, Corrie Rabbie and Nadia Walcott.