Veg Fest draws nearly 3,000 people- What a day!

It’s difficult to describe the amazing energy that characterized Ottawa Veg Fest ’11, held yesterday at the Glebe Community Centre.  It’s not just that nearly 3,000 people ascended on this beautiful facility, breaking our previous attendance record by about 800 people, although that alone is remarkable. The vibe was, in the words of one exhibitor, “Joyful.”

“It was a marvelous day filled with excitement. I am very happy to be part of such an amazing people who organized this years’ Veg Fest,” says Nadia Walcott, one of the NCVA’s extraordinary volunteers who single-handedly organized the silent auction. “The energy throughout the event was fantastic. It was a delight seeing so many people out to support the NCVA and Veg Fest and I look forward to helping organize next years event.”

You really need to see it for yourself, and if you weren’t able to make it (or if you’d like to relive the experience!), this video created by Henri-Pierre Thibault of ZoomFX is the next best thing.

Ottawa Veg Fest by ZoomFX

Feedback from exhibitors, volunteers, and visitors has been overwhelmingly positive. People are thrilled. The NCVA is thrilled. Veg Fest ’11 really knocked it out of the park.  One exhibitor said afterwards, “This was the single best tabling event I’ve ever been at.”

Click here to see what Ottawa Citizen food editor Ron Eade had to say about the event.

The NCVA added 90 new members to its ranks, and we still need to do the draw for the great membership incentive prizing. Hang tight, we’re still recovering!

Stay tuned for more blog posts and photos about Veg Fest in the coming days. As Veg Fest is entirely volunteer organized, we’re all a bit exhausted; deliriously happy, but exhausted. But in the meantime I’ll share some images from the event below.


The NCVA's mascots!
Even babies love Veg Fest! Odin volunteers with mom Laila (right) and Pamela, the NCVA's communications director.
Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson proclaimed May 1 "Veg Fest Day in Ottawa." He is pictured with NCVA volunteers, and NCVA president Josh Flower.
NCVA table volunteers Wayne, Edelweiss, and David. We had 90 people join the NCVA at Veg Fest- a record!
NCVA Vegan Cupcake Challenge co-organizer Shaun Desjardins shows off one of the submissions.

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