Peace to All Who Live – Donuts to All Who March

As you all must know by now, the NCVA is marching in the 2011 Capital Pride Parade this Sunday (August 28th).

Now, I didn’t plan the event this year –  NCVA darling David Fournier did all the work this time. Still, I figured I’d take advantage of the fact that I have the password to the NCVA’s blog to strongly encourage all Ottawa veggies to join us in this day of marchy vegan fun.

Elaborate, yet small! Photo by Flikr user durocher1766

You’ll be promoting your beloved NCVA, supporting a population that has been treated very badly for deeply stupid reasons, and highlighting the parallels between the plight of animals and oppressed human groups…All whilst surrounded by lively music, adoring crowds, and outfits at once elaborate and very small. 

Plus there are the donuts.

Once a year, just for this event, I make a batch of vegan donuts. Yes, the real, yeast dough, deep-fried donuts. 

Vegan donuts waiting for last year's parade

So please come and march with us.

I mean, don’t feel bad if you can’t or anything. We won’t be mad. And if I saw you on the street after I’d still be nice and would maybe even give you a leftover donut.

Actually, what I’d really do is that thing where you start to hand something over like you’re going to give it to a person then just stuff it in your own mouth and make whatever sound “HAHAHAHA” sounds like through a mouthful of donut.

Just kidding! In all seriousness, though, march with us if you can and if not, no prob. I won’t even call you a homophobe.

…Not to your face anyway.

*Sigh – they say I have to write: “The above is Erin thinking she’s funny and does not represent the views of the NCVA or its members, who all wish she’d grow up”

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