NCVA Rocks Capital Pride 2011

As most of you know, the NCVA marched in last Sunday’s Capital Pride Parade. Thanks again to David Fournier for making it all happen!

Proud NCVA representatives, variously disguised as cows, peas, and carrots, marched under the banner “Peace for all who live.”

Our goals:
1) To support GLBT pride;
2) To advertise the NCVA to the GLBT community and its supporters (and the one guy with the bible-scripture placard which I couldn’t read from where I was but which presumably asserted that being gay is bad);
3) To encourage people to constantly examine their beliefs, since dumb ones can heap serious suffering on what should be beautiful lives.

Not sure what the sign meant, but the delight among the crowd suggested naughtiness!

Masses of parade-goers we’re completely blown away by the lovely Dulce Darling. Unspeakably graceful in 6-inch stilettos, she is the new gold standard for “tall, gorgeous blonde,” and also my new crush. Given she’s a gay man who was dressed as a woman at crush onset, my mom says my smitten-ness just makes me a masochistic straight girl, My dad, however, insists that it places me in a unique and heretofore unrecognized category of sexual orientation that could totally become a thing.

Unfortunately, several parade-goers were also blown away by the fringes of hurricane Irene. Happily, our marchers were spared this fate, being weighed down by bellies full of vegan donuts.

Also on the upside, Irene’s shadow ensured that none of the usually-hidden body parts on display at the parade had to pay for their brief freedom with sunburn.

On the whole then, a successful and inspiring event. We look forward to participating again next year when, once again, we’ll spread the pro-veg message and tell the world that vegans really do taste better (like donut, I hear).

Home made vegan donuts!

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