Thousands of Furry Reasons to Attend the Ottawa Veg Ball

Previous blog posts have focused on how awesome the Dec. 10th Ottawa Veg Ball will be, and future posts will provide even more fabulous details.

But that approach will not do it for everyone. Some of you might be thinking that the better the party is, the more likely you are to overindulge in food and drink to the point that you have to be rolled home by an indignant partner and spend the whole next day awash in self pity while sprawled on your blessedly cool bathroom floor.

So better just stay home, right?


Because while we surely want the guests at Veg Ball to enjoy themselves, this event is about something much more important.

It’s about these guys:

These are some of the residents of the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and New Moon Rabbit Rescue, the recipients of Veg Ball proceeds. I’ll write some more about these amazing organizations in the coming days.

In the meantime, just remember that every hors d’oeuvre you stuff in your face, every glass of wine you down because there’s no way you’re dancing sober, every eye you blacken on the dance floor while geekily flailing, it’s for them:

The baby squirrels who have so much energy you wonder if they’re literally going to explode.


The baseball-sized, tufty-tailed baby skunks who remind me of little leather-jacketed bad boys, with all their swaggering ‘tude.


The baby raccoons who look in your eyes with acute intelligence and hold on to your fingers with their almost human hands.


The rabbits whose personalities are rich and diverse and so little understood by the misguided people who pick them up as Easter novelties and cast them off once their purpose is served.



So look again at the pictures. Embrace the guilt, the love, that crazy Christmas spirit that always swells in your heart even though you think it’s all a big commercial sham or you’re Buddhist or Hindu or just haven’t been to church since your twelve-year-old self was dragged there by your grandma.

Embrace it, people! Then buy your ticket, come to Veg Ball, and help make sure that all these little guys wake up to full stockings this Christmas morning.

*Remember, while we’ll have some tickets at the door, buying yours in advance will let us plan more effectively and ensure a successful event 🙂

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