Puppy mill seizure- fosters urgently needed

Guest blog submission by Jennifer Roussel


I’m a friend of the NCVA and a fellow animal lover.

This is Wally, NCVA board member Erin's adopted Boston Terrier. This is your chance to help another dog be as zen as Wally is.

A puppy mill seizure took place this week north of Ottawa in the province of Quebec.  As a result, more than 20 dogs are at that city’s pound and need to be placed into foster homes or they will likely be euthanized this Saturday.  Debra, from Arbed Rescue is coordinating the placing of the dogs into foster care here in Ontario.  The dogs are currently at the pound and the goal is to get them out before Saturday.

The breeds available for fostering include four small Poodles, two Pomeranians, two Boston Terriers, two Shi-Poos, a Daschund, Pugs, some Lab mixes, a Schnauzer and more.  All dogs are adults.

If you can make room in your home to save a dog’s life, please contact Debra at arbedrescue@hotmail.com and download the fostering form from the Arbed Rescue website at www.arbedrescue.com.

Keep in mind that this is a temporary arrangement.  The dogs will receive shots, they will be spayed or neutered and Arbed Rescue will find them good homes – they find dogs quality homes in a timely manner.  But first, these poor souls must urgently be rescued from the pound.

3 thoughts on “Puppy mill seizure- fosters urgently needed

  1. Eileen woodside

    Who seized the dogs, and wheat pound are they in? Details please? Why were they seized only to be possibly euthanized? Have you reached out to other rescue organizations for help?

  2. Pamela

    Eileen, please contact the rescue operation for more details.

    The NCVA is providing a courtesy service by posting a blog submission written and supplied another organization to help them raise awareness.

    We are not involved in the rescue, nor do we have any other information.

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