Life after Veg Fest: Fancy NCVA pub night at ZenKitchen on May 10

By Dee Campbell-Giura

What’s this? A pub night at the classiest vegan joint in town?

Oh yeah baby…and it’s at ZenKitchen.  Say whaaaat?!  That’s no pub!

May 10 promises to be a pub experience unlike any other.

For one night, it is!  Just for us!  Now don’t you go worrying about how you’ll afford overtime for the nanny AND go to Pub Night.  We’ve got it covered.  For $25 you and your food-lovin’ friends will be served creative, (award-winning) chef-made, vegan tapas and finger foods. (Please note RSVP details below. This is not a drop-in event.)

In case you haven’t been to Zen Kitchen yet (where have you been?!  It’s 100 per cent vegan!  And in Ottawa! They support local veg farmers!), I’ll give you an overview: they don’t serve Tofurkey or Yves Ground Round, nor do they ship frozen faux meats from China. Zen doesn’t serve anything but vegan food.  Even the beer and wine is vegan. And they make it all in-house, including the seitan (all you DIYers know how hard that is).

So what can you expect at ZK Pub Night? Give or take a nibbly or two (more people = more food), this is what’s on the menu:

–          Panko-crusted onion rings (I tried one two – they’re delish)

–          Raw slaws

–          BBQ seitan fingers

–          Salad rolls

–          Tofu dengaku (miso apple-butter glazed) skewers

–          Kale chips…bien sûr!

–          and more…

Beers are on tap: Broadhead Long Shot White Wheat Ale, Broadhead Grindstone Amber, Beau’s Lug·Tread, Waupoos County Cider (GF) and Kichesippi Blonde.  Space is limited, so we’re asking you to register and pay in advance.  Knowing the nunbers also allows Chef Caroline Ishii to prepare even more food! 😉

Date: Thursday, May 10 (RSVP to ZenKitchen at 613-233-6404, (map) , with credit card details, by Thursday, May 3)

ZK Pub Night starts at 6:30 pm and ends when the taps run dry or 11 pm…whichever comes first.

Cost: $25. Drinks, tips and tax not included.

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