Last minute Veg Fest bits and bites

Just a few last minute things to relay.

Firstly, we think that becoming a NCVA member is already a pretty sweet deal, but it just got even sweeter. We have confirmed with Auntie Loo’s treats that everyone who becomes a member, or renews their membership, at Veg Fest will get a voucher for a FREE Auntie Loo treat!

The only downside is that it is redeemable only at the bakery, 507 Bronson Avenue, but still, who cares?  It is a free Auntie Loo treat!  Auntie Loo’s offers a huge range of goodies, including ones that are gluten-free and soy free, so there is something for just about everyone. And if you’re not into treats, redeem the voucher and give the treat to a loved one.

In other Auntie Loo’s news, her followers are all a-titter because Auntie Loo herself has announced that a brand new product will be revealed at Veg Fest, and she isn’t offering any hints. Do you really want to miss that?  Be among the first to try it… whatever it is…only at Veg Fest.


As many blog readers will know, CBC’s Lucy Vanoldenbarneveld is making a special guest visit to Veg Fest to take in all the happenings and to share her new-found vegan wisdom with Veg Fest-goers.  She will also be serving as a bit of an advisor to 31-Day Vegan Challenge takers throughout the month of May.

But the latest addition to the Veg Fest line up is that Lucy will spend part of her time at Veg Fest “helping” Credible Edibles’ Judi Varga-Toth with her cooking demo. Judi’s demo, Green Cuisine: Saving the Planet, One Bite at a Time will occur from 1:30-2:30 pm.  Lucy will spend a few minutes talking about her experience as a vegan, before Judi dives in.

She will use locally-sourced ingredients to present a taste bud-tempting trio of dishes that not only satisfy our palates but our conscience as well.  She will also discuss the ecological impact of dietary choices and the green benefits of choosing a plant-based diet. Food samples will be provided.


Finally, a few words about the Veg Fest silent auction. As we mentioned before, this is the only fundraising activity that the NCVA has historically undertook for its own benefit, and the funds are much-needed to allow us to continue our outreach within the community.

We are so grateful to the contributors to the silent auction.  We have some pretty great stuff lined up, but as a teaser we are just going to list who has contributed and how to look them up. Be sure to check out the silent auction room on Veg Fest day and place a bid! And also, a special call out to the formidable Markey Johnson, the NCVA volunteer who coordinated the whole thing.

arts and crafts

Allison Usher, Ottawa Potters Guild
Edelweiss  D’Andrea
Funk Your Junk
Laura Daub Illustration
Liebchen Designs http://www.liebchendesigns.comGypsy & Company
Louise Rachlis
Magz Bagz

bath and cosmetics

Adorit Boutique
Ena Sabih
Purple Urchin
Simply Natural Kosmetics

books and magazines

Barefoot Books,
BenBella Books;
OTTAWA Magazine
Singing Pebble Books


Auntie Loo’s Bakery;
Bryson Farms
Camino / La Siembra Co-operative / Coopérative La Siembra
Green Door
O L I V I A Chocolatiers
Take Charge Tea

misc (travel, garden, healing, household items)

Auberge Sejour Bed and Breakfast
Eco Source
Erin O’Sullivan
Kelly Cavalier
Maitland Massage
Natasha Kyssa

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