Post your animal or veg-focused event in the NCVA’s new event calendar!

The NCVA has just launched its new Events Calendar. In addition to our own events, we’ll try to list other animal or veg-focused events in the Ottawa area. If you’d like your group’s event to included on the calendar, email the details to

As it turns out, there are a whole pile of events coming up.

September 8th is the deadline for amateur vegan chefs to take advantage of our offer to sponsor their participation in “Taboo Eats”  – we’ll pay your entry and your ingredients for the jurying step.

There are three events on September 9th:  we’ve got the bake sale in the Parkdale Market for the “Be Veg” bus ad campaign. They’re still looking for bakers, I think!

We’ve also got an open house at Notre Petite Ferme (Our Little Farm). Awesome because it’s a local organic veggie farm, awesomer still because the owners are vegan!

Finally, there’s the Wiggle Waggle Walk-a-thon at the Bruce Pit. For those whose skin is going to crawl when they see it’s sponsored by Iams, we hear you – hence the disclaimer on the calendar: “The appearance of third party events does not constitute endorsement by the NCVA or any of its board members or volunteers of the sponsors or the information and products associated with the event.” But we figure it’s for a good cause, so….

And of course don’t forget about Maximum Tolerated Dose on September 20th!

Anyway, here’s a screen shot of our new addition, so you can bask in its calendarly glory. Or better yet, click here to check out the real thing 🙂

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