Arbed Rescue seeks homes for special beagle puppies

The following is a guest post by Jennifer Roussel of Arbed Rescue. The NCVA does not have any additional information about the puppies; please contact Arbed Rescue directly at Photos are of the actual puppies available for adoption.


This summer two beagles were abandoned on the side of the road near Cornwall, Ontario. Arbed Rescue, a registered charity, took the beagles in and a week later the female gave birth to a litter of six puppies.

Three of the puppies remain up for adoption: Corann (named after her mother, Cora), Marlo (known to his foster mother as Jack!) and Amalda – the smallest of the litter.

We are trying hard to find the right homes for these pups where they will be cherished and loved family pets with wonderful families who will walk them and play with them. To date, we have received applications from hunters and from people who want to keep these little guys outdoors – these are not suitable homes. Please help spread the word about these adorable puppies!

The parents of these beagle pups were smaller beagles, with the dad (Barsley) weighing 25 lbs and their mom, Cora, weighing even less. All the pups are tricolour and beautiful; they are very affectionate and love to be pet and held.

Marlo (aka Jack) is the only remaining male. He loves to play outside and like any puppy, is energetic and loves attention from people – he’s a real character! He tries to get ahead of the others to be close to his person.

Corann (called “Nell” by her foster family) will vie for your attention and loves to be picked up until you bring her outside – she loves being outdoors more than anything and investigates everything! Corann has mastered the “guilty face” already and is really adorable!

Amalda (known as “Abby” to her foster family) is very small and snuggly. She loves to be held and carried and to be with people all the time – she behaves like a lap dog and is extremely cuddly!

Anyone wishing to adopt one or more of these puppies or wanting information should contact

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