Thanks from the Fauna Foundation Chimpanzee Sanctuary

As you may recall, the NCVA sponsored a screening of the documentary Maximum Tolerated Dose in September (check out their website to check out all the exciting things the film’s creators have been doing since, by the way).

Rachel Sleeping - photo from

You may also recall that part of the proceeds went to the Fauna Foundation Chimpanzee Sanctuary outside of Montreal. That was the first time I had the pleasure and honor to meet Gloria Grow, Fauna’s formidable co-founder and voice for research primates everywhere. I also had the honour of interviewing her on Animal Voices – if you have a minute, listen to it online – it’s worth it for the story about Tom and the paint alone!

Anyway, Gloria sent the NCVA a letter of thanks – it’s below. Please give it read, and know that all the effort we go through to organize events, and to attend the events organized by others, is very much appreciated.

Oh, and since it’s Christmas, consider adopting a chimp on behalf of the animal lover on your list. Cool chimp-themed shirts and hats are also available at their online store, as is Andrew Westoll’s The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary, which is based on the author’s experiences working as a volunteer at the Fauna.

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