NCVA at the Great Glebe Garage Sale – May 25, 2013

Clean All The Things!Ah, the May long weekend. That magical time when we alternate periods of frenzied spring cleaning with periods swilling beer on a lawn chair.

And what a delightful coincidence that our collection for the Great Glebe Garage Sale should be happening at the very same time.

Just think, you’ll be surrounded by the casualties of your spring purge, while being just drunk enough to donate items that your sober, stingier self would try to sell on kijiji.

Free All The Animals!Now, before you go getting all mad at us for being manipulative, try to remember that all the proceeds from the event will go to Project Jessie (who keeps stray companion animals out of the hands of animal experimenters) and to the Ottawa Food Bank.

So I’m going to give you the drop off details in a second. But first my other asks:

1) We’re looking for bakers. 90% of the thousand dollars we made last time came from the bake sale. Because for some weird reason the same person who will squawk about paying $3 for a CD player will cheerfully shell out $5 for a brownie. I’m not criticizing – I’m the same way. But if any psychologists out there are reading this and can explain this phenomenon to me, I’m all ears.

2) We’re looking for volunteers to staff the table. You’ll have to put baked goods in bags. Maybe put some other things in bags. Maybe haggle a bit with the customers if you’re feeling feisty. Or you can secure your place in heaven by volunteering to set up the table/tent (at 6 am) or break down the table/tent (at 4 pm).

3) Come buy stuff! I’ll have my ubiquitous scones. Markey will certainly bring something delicious but so insanely complicated that it takes her all night to make and causes her to arrive at the event overtired with crazy eyes and hair. And if you’ve never experienced the little slice of madness that is the Great Glebe Garage Sale, I promise you won’t regret making the trek.

Ok, so now back to the garage sale donations: You can drop stuff off this Saturday, May 18th, from 2-6pm at 236 Bayswater Avenue. Email me (at if you need to bring it by another time.

Don't miss the insanity that is the Great Glebe Garage Sale - Photo by Mike Gifford

If you have something big, like furniture or something that won’t fit in a Hyundai Accent, please bring it right to the Garage Sale – that will be on Saturday May 25th in the Glebe. We’ll be set up on Percy Street between Glebe and First Avenue. Do yourself a favour and come early – if your car is in the Glebe at 8 am on Garage Sale Day, you ain’t getting out ’til 4. it gets that packed.

So: prospective bakers, donors, & volunteers, email me at or Markey at And check out the facebook event, too!

And remember, spring cleaning and beer this weekend! Animals’ lives may depend on it!

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