Enjoy yourself for a good cause at the Holiday Howl

We have a little quiz for everyone. Please answer yes or no to each of the following.

I like:

  • Delicious vegan food
  • Animals
  • Saving animals’ lives
  • Having fun
  • Not spending Saturday night on the couch
  • Puppehs
  • Bunny rabbits
  • Karaoke

If you answered YES to any of the above, you really need to come to the Holiday Howl! In fact, what’s stopping you from buying your tickets right now?

(Note that we will not be selling tickets at the door. The cut off for buying them is Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 11:59 PM. As it’s mostly volunteers contributing to the food, we do need to know how much food we need to prepare. Pretty please!)

The Holiday Howl’s proceeds will support New Moon Rabbit Rescue and Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue.

Much of the food is being prepared by the NCVA’s own Erin O’Sullivan, who has a cult-like following amongst the Ottawa vegan potluck/event crowd for her amazing kitchen creations.  The Compassionate Rabbit, SimplyRaw Express, and myself are also kicking in contributions.  The Montgomery Legion is generously donating the venue, and terra20 is providing some door prizes and auction items, as well as the sound system.  The NCVA’s sponsorship covers any additional costs.

What this means is that virtually every dollar we collect in ticket sales will go to the animal rescues.  

What are you waiting for?  The animals – including Buzz (below) – need you. And you need a party.

Buzz is losing weight after coming to Sit With Me from a shelter situation, vastly overweight. He is available for adoption!