Strategic Planning Session Monday, February 3rd at 7 pm

A few weeks ago, I invited everyone to a pre-AGM strategic planning session.

It’s now been scheduled for Monday, February 3rd at 7 pm. The address is on the facebook event. You can email for the address if you’re not on facebook.

We’ll be talking about our goals as an organization, and what we do to achieve them.

Some examples:

Should we focus more on outreach to non-vegans, or on supporting the existing vegan community?

Should we hold more events? Fewer? Different kinds?

Should we focus more on outreach to businesses, getting more discounts, etc.?

Are people still keen on VegFest? Is it good as-is or does it need an overhaul?

How can we get more people interested in volunteering?

We’ll also be looking at the results of our survey (which is available in French or in English if you still haven’t filled it out).

At this point, we’re only expecting the people who said they were coming via the Doodle Poll we set up, so if you haven’t signed up there and do still want to come, please sign up.

Thanks for you interest in making your NCVA the best it can be!


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