Marc Aubin (candidate for Councillor, Ward 12 Rideau-Vanier) responds to survey on Animal- and Veg-Friendliness.

1. Will you commit to publishing the position statement of the Canadian Dietetic Association that acknowledges that well-planned vegan diets are healthy for all life-stages, to correct misinformation among the public. If so, how would this been done (tax or water bill insert, bus board signage, proclaiming a vegan day, other?).

Marc: A well planned vegan diet I believe is a very commendable lifestyle choice. I acknowledge that it is a diet that results in a considerably lower impact on the planet/climate and I think that is a message that is well worth publicizing to encourage more people to research the issue and consider it for themselves. I think the most appropriate way for the City to do this would be proclaiming a vegan day thus encouraging the media to pick up on the story. I think we could also promote it more through the public health section of the City website.

2. Will you support a meatless Monday campaign in City of Ottawa cafeterias and catered affairs, encourage school boards & post secondary institutions to follow your example, as well as the Municipality of Gatineau, engaging staff from the department of Public Health in the outreach? Note that agriculture is a larger contributed to climate change than all forms of transportation combined.

Marc: I would support providing more vegetarian options, more frequently in City facilities as well as signage/materials in eating places that educate people on the values of vegetarian diets including its contribution to lowering the impact on the planet.

3. Will you support a bylaw banning circuses and other entertainment acts that use animals for entertainment in Ottawa?

Marc: This should be be something we are moving towards. I would be willing to discuss with others the implications of exploring this further.

4. Will you support wildlife rehabilitation organizations? How so (financially and/or with other in-kind supports – please describe in detail)?

Marc: The City of Ottawa, being such a large organization has lots of resources that could be useful to assist wildlife rehab organizations. I would be willing to facilitate discussions between these groups to explore ways in which the City could make the work of these organizations easier and more effective.

5. Will the City of Ottawa publish its policy (and or City of Ottawa Police policy) or develop a bylaw on the treatment of dangerous wildlife within the City (coyotes, deer, moose, etc.)

Marc: Yes the City should have such a policy and it should be posted publically.

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