New NCVA Discount: Hareg Ethiopian Restaurant and Coffee House


The NCVA is pleased to announce the latest addition to our list of restaurant discounts: 10% off at Hareg Ethiopian Restaurant and Coffee House.

A little bit of everything from the vegan buffet.
A little bit of everything from the vegan buffet.

First, the key stats:

1) Where: 587 Bank St. (just south of the 417 at the tip o’ the Glebe)

2) What: Traditional Ethiopian food, which includes meat but has lots of vegan options. You can order off the menu, but the most popular thing is the buffet, which is available 6 days a week, and is all vegan on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

The vegan part of the buffet is clearly distinguished from the meat part, though, so don’t feel you can only go on the all-vegan days.

Ready...set...roast 'em! Yes, Ghostbusters references ARE appropriate in all contexts.
Ready…set…roast ’em! Yes, Ghostbusters references ARE appropriate in all contexts.

Hareg is also a coffee house. They serve up traditional Ethiopian coffee—roasting, grinding, and brewing the coffee beans right in front of you. I wasn’t sure what to expect – I thought I heard somewhere that Ethiopian coffee was really strong. But it tasted very much like the coffee I’m used to, only delicious enough for me to drink black and without cookies, which I wouldn’t dare do with either Tim’s or Starbucks.

3) When: The buffet is available 11am–8:30pm Tuesday–Thursday and Sunday, and 11am–10pm Friday and Saturday. The buffet is all vegan on Tuesday–Thursday and Sunday. The coffee ceremony is free every Friday from 6–8:30pm and Saturday from 12:30–8:30pm.

4) Why: Awesome food, lots of vegan options, gluten-free injera (which is the bread you use to scoop the food), uber-friendly staff, and a comfortable atmosphere. And experiencing the making of traditional Ethiopian coffee is a real treat—it was a highlight of our visit, so do it if you can.

And if you do go, and share your impressions on social media, be sure to like their Facebook page and tag @Hareg Cafe —they appreciate the feedback!

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