Potluck and Cookie Exchange – December 19

When: December 19, 4:30 to 7:30 pm. (Dinner starts at 5 pm)

Where: Jack Purcell Community Centre

  • 320 Jack Purcell Lane (Elgin at Lewis)
  • Link to google map 

Cost: $2 for NCVA members and $3 for non-members.

What to bring: Each person should bring a vegan dish, one free of animal products, eggs, dairy/cheese, honey, that serves 10 people, as well as your own plate, cutlery, and beverage. Also, please bring a serving utensil and the list of all ingredients for your dish, for people with allergies.

Bring vegan cookies (no eggs or milk) and exchange one for one after potluck.

One thought on “Potluck and Cookie Exchange – December 19

  1. Edelweiss D'Andrea

    I have been making cookie dough and will have a bake-off on Saturday to get ready for the cookie exchange. I’m so excited at the prospect of trading and having cookies to bring to Montreal!! (I usually have no desserts to eat when I’m with my family, since everything has dairy or eggs in it.) For the potluck, I will make a nice salad with cranberries, nuts, lettuce and apples, and some current scones

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