NEW DISCOUNT: Shine Health

VegOttawa Members can now save 15% off Shine Health products!

Shine Health creates plant-based supplements with research-backed ingredients for when stress and setbacks get in your way.

Created in 2018, Shine Health provides a holistic nutrition and food based approach to wellbeing and recovery. They realize that the food you put in your body can have a huge impact on how you feel. The founders struggled to find the right plant based supplement that were right for their unique symptoms, that actually worked, and best of all were backed by modern science. That’s why they created it.

Shine Health offers 4 unique Certified-Vegan plant-powered SH blends are carefully crafted from the highest quality and purest ingredients to optimize their efficacy. Formulated by health experts, all ingredients and dosages are backed by rigorous clinical research studies.

And as a an added bonus they offer 100% recyclable and sustainable packaging.

Ps – Make sure you follow Shine Health on Facebook & Instagram.

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