Don’t miss the Veg Fest silent auction!

Every year the NCVA holds a silent auction at Veg Fest, and this year’s may have some of the coolest contributions yet!  The NCVA’s volunteer organizer, Nadia, has been working hard lining up contributions. It will be held on the main level of the Glebe Community Centre, in the small room on your left when you come in the GCC’s main entrance.  You don’t want to miss it; even if there’s nothing that interests you personally, there are many fabulous items that would make great gifts.

The silent auction fulfills a few purposes for the NCVA. Firstly, the NCVA has a waiting list of about a dozen businesses and organizations that we simply can’t accommodate at the event because of space constraints. The silent auction offers these businesses an opportunity to still receive some exposure at the event.  Secondly, as the NCVA doesn’t charge any visitor admission for Veg Fest and have kept exhibitor prices very affordable, it helps the NCVA to cover the event’s costs.  It’s win-win-win for everyone!

We are so thankful to our generous contributors for their enthusiastic participation!

Something to keep in mind: If you bid, please be prepared to actually complete the transaction.  Contacting the bid winners and organizing to get the items to each bid winner is a lot of work, and the NCVA is 100 per cent volunteer-run.  You can help to make the process easier! If you are bidding towards the end of the day, it may even be a good idea to stick around to claim your item(s) at 5 p.m. when the event ends.

The list below may not be complete, and some items may be bundled for ease of distribution.


Business Item Value
LUSH Gift basket containing gels, soap, shampoo, shower gel, etc $95
Green Door Restaurant Gift certificate $50
Rama Lotos Yoga Studio Gift certificate for 5 free yoga classes $75
Vega Gift basket of Vega products $150
Nature Clean Basket of Nature Clean products $125
B.goods 3 packs of 6 cookies $27
Coconut Bliss 2 pints of ice-cream, 1Coconut Bliss water bottle, 1 Coconut Bliss Chici bag $28
Veg News Magazine 1 year subscription to Veg News, Veg News tote bag, 6 vegan cookies $50
Kelly of Gift certificate $25
Matt & Natt Wallet $120
Gardein Signed copy of ‘The Concious Chef’, Gardein apron and free product coupons $60
Lindsay S. Nixon (author) The Happy Herbivore $25
Ruby Roth (author) ‘That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals’ $20
Robert Cheeke (author) ‘Vegan Body Building & Fitness: The Complete Guide to Building Your Body on a Plant-Based Diet’ $23.95
Natasha Kyssa (author) ‘The Simply Raw Living Foods Detox Manual’ $19.95
Alicia C. Simpson (author) ‘Quick and Easy Vegan Celebrations’ $20.50
Claire Gosse (author) ‘Are You Sure That’s Vegan’ $19.95
Kim Barnouin & Rory Freenman (author) ‘Skinny Bitch’ $14.95
Kim Barnouin (author) ‘Ultimate Everyday Cookbook’ $35.00
Kathy Freston (author) ‘Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World’ $29.00
Ani Phyo (author) ‘Ani’s Raw Food Essentials’
Jay Fothergill (author) ‘The Vegetarian Manifesto: Cookbook’, donated by Earthsave Canada $12.00
Nava Atlas (author) Vegan Express $20.99
Perfection, Satisfaction, Promise Gift certificate $20
Sarah Kramer (author) Go Vegan Calendar $14.99
Rainbow Foods Gift Basket $50.00
La Belle Verte Gift certificates $40.00
PETA T-shirt and ‘Practicle guide to animal rights’ $40.00
Auntie Loo’s Bakery Gift certificate $35.00

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