Three cheers for The Table!

When Veg Fest was but a wisp of an idea a few years ago it became a concrete prospect when Simon Saab, owner of The Table Vegetarian Restaurant, jumped on board.

With Simon’s promise of title sponsorship, suddenly putting on an event of this size became feasible. In hindsight, now that the event is a proven hit, it was a great decision on his part. But at the time he was saying “yes” to a couple of enthusiastic volunteers who had never put on an event bigger than a potluck.  He took a chance on the NCVA and on Veg Fest, and we’re now just days away from the third annual Veg Fest.

Simon’s commitment to the NCVA has been wholehearted. Even when he was unable to send staff to the festival because of illnesses for the first event in 2009, and couldn’t even get away from the restaurant to see for himself, he still felt that the promotion the restaurant received, as well as the good accomplished by the event, was well worth it. He was so impressed that he offered to sponsor the event in 2010 while the 2009 festival was still in progress!

Table head chef Ian Lipski takes a stab at the NCVA's mascot carrot.

The NCVA is thankful for the Table’s unwavering support of Veg Fest, and all of our activities. It’s partnerships like this that have enabled us to grow and thrive, as the NCVA is completely volunteer-run, and receives no government or grant funding.

This year the Table will be in attendance and selling sampler platters of some of their customer favorites.  And they’re always at 1230 Wellington Street west, corner Holland.   Visit them online at their Web site.

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