More reasons to become a NCVA member at Veg Fest

If the NCVA’s work in the community (Veg Fest, the restaurant outreach program, community outreach, events etc.) or its vast array of hard earned member discounts aren’t reason enough to shell out $20 to become a NCVA member, at Veg Fest there will be an added incentive.

Who wouldn't want to join this group?

Anyone who becomes a member or renews their membership at the event will be entered into a draw with a chance to win one of several prizes including tickets to see Forks Over Knives when it comes to Ottawa in June, several $20 gift certificates from Cafe My House, and a number of books and other media.

If you joined at last year’s event (May 31) and are concerned about renewing early, fear not. All renewals made at Veg Fest will run until June 1, 2012. So you’ll still get a full year of great discounts… and of course you’ll be supporting the NCVA’s work in the community both promoting plant-based lifestyles to the general public, and making life easier for those who wish to consume plant-based food.

The NCVA is so thankful for the contributions of all members, because without their support the NCVA would truly be unable to do the work that it does. When you consider that as an organization the NCVA is 100 per cent volunteer-run, and is less than five-years-old, its accomplishments are quite remarkable.

Join the NCVA and support Ottawa’s veg revolution!

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