Veg Ball raises more than $2,300 for animal charities

The furry (and shelled) creatures in the care of the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and New Moon Rabbit Rescue will have a merry Christmas indeed, after more than $2,300 was raised in their honour at the first Ottawa Veg Ball, organized by the National Capital Vegetarian Association.

More than 100 revellers danced, ate, and socialized the night away at Veg Ball, which was held at the Montgomery Legion in downtown Ottawa.  Many spoke of enjoying the novelty of not being the only vegan at the event, and being able to enjoy the food with abandon.  All proceeds from ticket sales, as well as a raffle, were donated to the charities.

There was dancing...

In an impressive display of cooperation, several of Ottawa’s veg-based businesses donated the hors d’oeuvres for the event, including Credible Edibles, Cafe My House, ZenKitchen, Green Earth, and The Green Door.  Desserts were donated by Auntie Loo’s Treats and B.Goods cookies. NCVA board member and dynamo Erin O’Sullivan also made some of her own delicious contributions, which earned rave reviews.

Regan Giggal of New Moon Rabbit Rescue and Nathalie Paquette of Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary both fought back tears as they told Veg Ball attendees about the animals who have suffered so terribly, but who will benefit tremendously thanks to the overwhelming response to the event.  Audience members gasped and cheered uproariously upon hearing the inspiring stories of animal perseverance.

...and there was eating and socializing.

“We are speechless! We simply cannot find the words to properly express our gratitude to the NCVA. The money that was raised for New Moon could not have come at a better time and is going to make a big difference! The bunnies thank you too!” Regan said after Veg Ball. 

“Congratulations on such a wonderful event! We had a great time on Saturday and are honoured to have been part of Ottawa Veg Ball.”

CarrotSanta made his promised appearance, giving lap time to all of the good girls and boys. He was disappointed tolearning that Auntie Loo and Miss Kate were not there to sit on his lap, but promised to stop by the bakery to make all their Christmas dreams come true.

Many attendees expressed the hope that Veg Ball will become an annual event, and perhaps it will. But like all NCVA activities, it was entirely volunteer-driven and help is always needed and appreciated. If you’re interested in putting your mark on the NCVA’s fabulous events and activities, email

NCVA board members David and Erin (far and second from left), volunteer Edelweiss, board member Pamela, and volunteer Michelle at Veg Ball.
Regan from New Moon gets cozy with CarrotSanta.

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