Let’s hear it for Veg Fest sponsors, including a new addition!

Every year, a lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into creating Veg Fest. As you may know, Veg Fest is 100 per cent volunteer organized, and it takes many hundreds of volunteer hours to bring it to life.

But one thing we have not had to worry about is having the cash to pay for expenses, and that is thanks to our wonderful event sponsors.  Without their support, we would need to spend even more time fundraising, scrounging up money, and penny pinching.

It is to their credit that we do not.  Simon Saab of  The Table Vegetarian Restaurant in particular has been an avid and constant NCVA supporter, and we could not have reached our current level of success without his support. Once again, for the fourth year running The Table Vegetarian Restaurant is the title sponsor for Ottawa Veg Fest.

Just when you thought Natasha Kyssa couldn’t get any faster, she goes all express on us.

This year, we have a new silver level sponsor joining the ranks, SimplyRaw Express. You may be wondering, SimplyRaw Express… is that like, SimplyRaw on speed?

The answer is a resounding NO.  SimplyRaw Express is Ottawa’s unique fresh juice bar and takeaway, which will be opening in late April at 989 Wellington St. West in Hintonburg. That’s right, around the same time as Veg Fest! Good timing, huh?

It will offer organic juices and smoothies, raw vegan dishes, quinoa bowls, delicious desserts as well as culinary workshops, detoxification and nutritional programs. Its food will be completely vegan, as well as soy and gluten-free.

“Ottawa Veg Fest has played an important role in raising awareness of and promoting the vegan lifestyle in the Ottawa community. As dedicated raw vegans, Mark and I are thrilled that SimplyRaw Express is a silver level sponsor for the fourth Ottawa Veg Fest. We always enjoy this fun, well-organized and high energy event, and becoming a sponsor is an excellent fit!” Natasha told us.

Introducing the silver level sponsors for this year’s Ottawa Veg Fest:

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