Reason #3 Why You Should Attend the MTD Premiere: Beer?

Following on the suggestions of a few of our beloved NCVA members, we’ve decided to host a pub night on September 20th,  following the screening of Maximum Tolerated Dose.

I’d thought of doing something like that before, but I kind of dismissed it because a) I didn’t think anyone would want to stay out that late on a “school night”; and b) None of the pubs near the Mayfair Theatre are particularly vegan-friendly.

The aforementioned members, however, insisted that the late start would be fine and that they’d be perfectly happy settling for beer and fries. What they did not want, they emphasized, was to watch a documentary on such a contentious and emotional subject as animal testing and then have to go home without getting to talk about it.

Good point, I thought. So we’re having a pub night!  So do come out for some fries, beer, and lively conversation about the film. Director Karol Orzechowski will hang out with us for a while too, ready to answer anyone’s questions.

Here are the details:

What: Beer and fries following the Maximum Tolerated Dose Screening
When: September 20th,  9 pm – ?
Where: The Barley Mow, 1060 Bank Street.

Oh, and for those who inquired about the vegan-ness of the popcorn at the Mayfair…my verdict is that it is vegan.

Here’s my train of evidence:

To the right is a shot of the ingredients on the popcorn salt – the only potentially non-vegan thing in the popcorn (assuming you don’t add butter of course). The “butter flavour” is suspicious. The stuff is called “savoral” and is from the Poppa Corn Corp.  An internet search reveals that “savoral” tends to refer to “Flavacol Popcorn Salt”.  A look at Poppa Corn Corp’s web site indicates that Flavacol is indeed what they sell.  A search for “Flavacol Vegan” uncovered the Red Hot Vegans site, which contains the following statement:  “Flavacol only lists artificial flavors on its packaging, and many online sources listed it as a vegan product, but I wanted to go one step further to solidify my investigative reporter status. I wrote to Gold Medal, the makers of Flavacol, and received this response: ‘The Flavacol popcorn seasoning salt is Vegan friendly – containing no animal and/or derivatives of animal products.'”

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