A World-Class Champanzee Sanctuary in Our Own Backyard

As I’ve reported in previous posts, 50% of the proceeds from this Thursday’s screening of Maximum Tolerated Dose will go the The Fauna Foundation chimpanzee sanctuary in Chambly, QC.

In this post, I’ll provide a bit more info on this amazing sanctuary. I’ll also encourage everyone (again!) to come out to the film, where you’ll get to meet the amazing Fauna folks who work every day to give the former research chimps in their care a second chance at life.

In 1990, Dr. Richard Allan and Gloria Grow purchased a 100 acre farm in the Monteregie region of Quebec, about 20 minutes from Montreal.  In 1997, the property became the not-for-profit Fauna Foundation – whose primary objective was to create a protected environment for neglected, abandoned or abused farmed and domestic animals and animals from entertainment, education and research.

Chance the chimpanzee. Copyright faunafoundation.org

In addition to horses, cows, pigs, goats, geese, llamas, monkeys, and other animals, Fauna is now home to 11 chimpanzees…

Chance spent the first  years of her life in near-total isolation. Despite her emotional scars, she now loves interacting with her house-mates, playing in the water, and raisin bread with hot tea.

Jethro was never considered a good research subject, refusing to eat or drink when he knew he was in a study. Words that would be used to describe Jethro’s personality include: warm, approachable, solid, companionable, loving, tender, courteous, respected, loyal, strong, intuitive, intelligent and protective.

Sue Ellen spent her first 15 years in entertainment, and had her teeth knocked out with a crow bar. She was then sold into research,  where she was mostly involved in HIV studies. She is described as being easily hurt and extremely emotional, but loyal and fearless

Read more about Chance, Jethro, Sue Ellen, and the other residents of Fauna Sanctuary on their website, or read Andrew Westoll’s new book, “The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary“.

And of course, come out to the film (and the pub night aferwards!). Meet the dedicated Fauna team, buy some cool pro-chimp merchandise, and have yourself a tasty treat from our “Cupcakes for Chimps” cart (all proceeds to Fauna!).

An important film for an important cause. We hope to see you there!


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