The NCVA wants YOU!

Hi All:

During the quiet moments of your otherwise busy lives, you may have wondered what the heck the NCVA’s been up to for the last six months or so.

Not too many events, relative silence on the blog, the VegFest torch at least temporarily passed to other organizers.

We've been busy attending to serious and pressing matters

So what’s the deal? Well, you know we lost the incomparable Corrie Rabbe last year. I mean the NCVA lost. She’s still alive and everything (and working at transforming the urban environment over at Permaculture Ottawa).

As for the remaining board members, several of us are finding ourselves stretched a bit thin. Past president and maniacally industrious (in a good way) Pamela Tourigny landed her dream job at Terra20, Neil started working for Vegan Cuts in his “spare time”, and I somehow became the co-host of the radio show Animal Voices.

So if any of ya’ll have been thinking about staging a coup to overthrow the NCVA board, now’s your chance!

A fondue fountain lands Markey in the volunteer hall of fame

Or if you’re not the revolutionary type, consider volunteering. You can check our “Volunteering” page for general volunteer opportunities. As for specific stuff, we’re looking for the following:

a) French translators. Vous devez volontaires pour cette tâche seulement si vous pouvez comprendre cette phrase, mais aussi se rendre compte que mon français est très mauvais.

b) VegFest Volunteers. We’re not organizing VegFest 2013, but will still be there in a big way. We’ll be staging cooking demos, showing films, and talking to people about plant based eating. So come help us. You can even make up your own job if you want. Want to paint kids faces to look like farm animals? Great, do that! Want to give a lecture on shopping vegan on a budget? Swell! Want to run around wearing nothing but vegetable-themed body paint? Some of our stodgier board members might get weird about it, but I think it would be charming!

Miscellaneous Awesomeness: Some recent/upcoming volunteer efforts include the Valentine’s Day Potluck (February), the Pancake Breakfast (April), a Veganism 101 course, an Ottawa Veg Guide, the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale (April). The awesomeness of your contribution to the NCVA and local veg community is limited only by your imagination and plant-powered passion.

So now I am going to sit back and wait for all of the emails to flow in from NCVA members who are elated by the thought of serving their local veg community, and brimming with amazing ideas about how to spread the pro-veg message to our fellows Ottawans.

Here they come….

Any minute now…

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