Don’t miss Plant Power 2013 by Wellness Warrior Coaching

Local vegan coaching service Wellness Warrior Coaching is bringing Plant Power 2013 to Ottawa on April 20 from 2-6pm. World-renowned vegan ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll, author of Finding Ultra and Michael Greger, MD, nutrition research expert will help you gain a better understanding of the power of plant-based foods.

What you can expect from the afternoon event:

* World class speakers and a panel so your questions get answered

* Great food from SimplyRaw Express

* Green smoothie demo by Catherine Droessler of Almost Raw Vegan

* Strength training for running demo by John Zahab of Continuum Fitness

* Yoga and Wellness expert Donna Davis will share one of her most powerful techniques to help you harness the energy and focus to connect to sustained peak performance.

* Interesting exhibitors

The event takes place at the Old Ottawa South Community Centre (Old Firehall). Tickets are $50 and the event more than 50% sold out – Check the website for more information and to buy tickets: 

Volunteers needed: A volunteer is needed to run the sound system and projector for the powerpoint/keynote presentations, and another is needed to take photos and video. Volunteers are very appreciated and will get into the event at no cost.

Wellness Warrior thanks contributors Good Guys Tri, Enerjive, Camino, Almost Raw Vegan, Continuum Fitness, Shanti Coffee, terra20 and our sponsors – NCVA, Elation Centre, Sue Bird/Arbonne, Natural Food Pantry and SimplyRaw Express.



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