NCVA to fundraise for Esther the Wonder Pig – With Your Help!



Many of you have already heard the story of Esther the Wonder Pig. Here’s the upshot: Steve brought home what he thought was a 6-month old “micro-pig” named Esther. She turned out to be a 6-week old meat pig who, a year and a half later, is 500 pounds.

Esther found internet fame when Steve and his partner Derek created a facebook page for her. She’s been featured in news stories around the globe, and has apparently inspired lots of folks to go vegan – including Derek and Steve, of course!


Now Esther’s dads are looking to open a farm animal sanctuary, with Esther as the star. It will be a full-on pro-vegan extravaganza, complete with humane education programming, a community garden and vegan cooking classes. While Canada has lots of top-notch sanctuaries, this is the first one I know of that will make vegan outreach part of its core daily activities (kind of like Farm Sanctuary, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, and Catskill Animal Sanctuary in the States).

Derek and Steve have started an Indiegogo campaign to try to buy this dream farm near Toronto. One of my reasons for doing this post is to encourage you to donate. Like now. Off you go, I’ll wait.







You’re back? Excellent.

So my other reason for doing this post is to suggest the NCVA hold a fundraiser. I was thinking of calling it “The Great Canadian Pig-Out” or something like that. The idea is we’d set up a table in a reasonably high-traffic area and give away samples of foods made with alternatives to pork (I’d bring my vegan saurkraut and sausage and vegan tourtiere to start!). We’d publicize Esther’s story and encourage people to donate, hand out the samples, and also sell baked goods to raise money for the Indiegogo campaign.

So what do we all think? Are you with me? Like really with me? Like with me in the sense that you’ll make baked goods and/or stand at the table for several hours on a weekend in early June? If yes, contact me ASAP at at gmail dot com, and we’ll get planning!