Veg Business Directory Updates


A few additions to the Veg Business Directory this month. These will be particularly exciting to vegans who love their comfort food!

House of TARG is now selling vegan “cheddar and bacon” flavour perogies. Conveniently located if you’re craving a snack after catching a movie at the Mayfair. (Where the popcorn flavouring is vegan, by the way — we checked.)

Zanadu, newly opened in Westboro, offers vegan grilled cheese sandwiches, protein smoothies made with Vega, and vegan bakery items.

And on the topic of cheese, the veg business directory now includes where to find Mad Faux Cheese and Zengarry Vegetarian Cuisine, whose gourmet nut cheeses are much beloved by Ottawa vegans.

Mad Faux Cheese
Mad Faux Cheese

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