Animal- and Veg-friendliness of Ottawa Election Candidates

Français – désolé, limité!

As you probably know, Ottawa’s municipal election is on Monday, October 27.

An NCVA member and volunteer had the brilliant idea of contacting candidates in the Ottawa municipal election to see where they stand on a variety of animal issues. We’ll be posting their responses over the next few days.

Apologies that this series of posts will be in English only – we won’t have time to translate all of the candidates’ responses.

Here are the questions – we’ll post responses as they come in:

1. Will you commit to publishing the position statement of the Canadian Dietetic Association that acknowledges that well-planned vegan diets are healthy for all life-stages, to correct misinformation among the public. If so, how would this be done?

2. Will you support a meatless Monday campaign in City of Ottawa cafeterias and catered affairs, encourage school boards & post secondary institutions to follow your example, as well as the Municipality of Gatineau, engaging staff from the department of Public Health in the outreach? Note that agriculture is a larger contributed to climate change than all forms of transportation combined.

3. Will you support a bylaw banning circuses and other entertainment acts that use animals for entertainment in Ottawa?

4. Will you support wildlife rehabilitation organizations? How so?

5. Will the City of Ottawa publish its policy or develop a bylaw on the treatment of dangerous wildlife within the City?

2 thoughts on “Animal- and Veg-friendliness of Ottawa Election Candidates

  1. Teresa Price

    Do you need “other volunteers?” I am looking for things to do –

    I am not “completely vegetarian” just yet. However, I am “re starting” to eat vegetarian dishes again and I subscribe to “Vegetarian Times”

    I also support an organization called “Farm Sanctuary” . They rescue and nurture abused farm animals. I send them a donation every year as I believe that animals on factory farms have a terrible life.

    I don’t eat “any pork” any veal” or fois gras ever” also

    If I have pork by mistake “I spit it out” I can’t face eating pigs and believe them to be as clever as dogs.

    Teresa Price

    if you need any volunteer help, please let me know

  2. Satelliterobot

    Hi Teresa – right now we’re looking for volunteers for the organizing committee – if you want to join just send an email to dot com and say “add me to the list”. We’ll be having our first meeting in November. If you just want to volunteer at VegFest but not organize anything, we’ll be making an annoucement in the coming months on how to sign up for that. Thanks!

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