Mayoral candidate Anwar Syed responds to survey on animal and veg-friedliness

Mayoral candidate Anwar Syed responds to survey on animal and veg-friedliness

1. Will you commit to publishing the position statement of the Canadian Dietetic Association that acknowledges that well-planned vegan diets are healthy for all life-stages, to correct misinformation among the public. If so, how would this been done (tax or water bill insert, bus board signage, proclaiming a vegan day, other?).
Response: Yes, Thru the city of Ottawa web site health page

2. Will you support a meatless Monday campaign in City of Ottawa cafeterias and catered affairs, encourage school boards & post secondary institutions to follow your example, as well as the Municipality of Gatineau, engaging staff from the department of Public Health in the outreach? Note that agriculture is a larger contributed to climate change than all forms of transportation combined.
Response: No, I do not support any such meatless day as I believe people have right to eat what they desire. Change in eating habits can only be done through education and information.

3. Will you support a bylaw banning circuses and other entertainment acts that use animals for entertainment in Ottawa?
Response: No, I believe that organizations such as SPCA play an important role in checking that Animals are treated properly and kept healthy. I am for humane treatment of Animals. Circuses & Zoos provide education to young persons about animals on planets and banning them would be counterproductive

4. Will you support wildlife rehabilitation organizations? How so?
Response: The best way to rehabilitate wildlife is to ensure that City does not keep expanding Urban Boundaries. I don’t have any idea that Wildlife organizations need rehabilitation and not wildlife itself. I will have to look in to your question deeply when the City’s people decide to elect me as the Mayor. At the moment, I do not have any answer to your question.

5. Will the City of Ottawa publish its policy or develop a bylaw on the treatment of dangerous wildlife within the City?
Response: Yes, and I stand for better treatment of any wildlife that comes in to urban areas. In past, I have noticed some wildlife was shot in Ottawa on the basis of protecting car traffic and accidents. I believe we should have develop a better by-law for such situation.

Best Regards
Anwar Syed
Candidate for Mayor of Ottawa

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