Mathieu Fleury (candidate for Councillor, Ward 12 Rideau Vanier) responds to survey on Animal- and Veg-Friendliness.

Mathieu Fleury (candidate for Councillor, Ward 12 Rideau Vanier) responds to survey on Animal- and Veg-Friendliness.

1. Will you commit to publishing the position statement of the Canadian Dietetic Association that acknowledges that well-planned vegan diets are healthy for all life-stages, to correct misinformation among the public. If so, how would this been done (tax or water bill insert, bus board signage, proclaiming a vegan day, other?).

I believe that it is important that the City of Ottawa, through Ottawa Public Health, do all possible to encourage and provide public information about healthy living and eating. Ottawa Public Health has already made steps in the right direction with the Healthy Eating and Active Living Campaign, and this would be the ideal avenue for more information to be available on the benefits of both vegetarian and vegan diets.

2. Will you support a meatless Monday campaign in City of Ottawa cafeterias and catered affairs, encourage school boards & post secondary institutions to follow your example, as well as the Municipality of Gatineau, engaging staff from the department of Public Health in the outreach? Note that agriculture is a larger contributed to climate change than all forms of transportation combined.

Definitely. Meatless Mondays are a great way for residents to try new and healthier meals, while also reducing our impact on the environment.

3. Will you support a bylaw banning circuses and other entertainment acts that use animals for entertainment in Ottawa?

I am happy to review such a proposal.

4. Will you support wildlife rehabilitation organizations? How so (financially and/or with other in-kind supports – please describe in detail)?

Yes. I believe that the City already provides some level of support to the different wildlife sanctuaries in Ottawa, but there are always ways to improve services. It is also important that we ensure that by-laws are in place and well enforced to protect wildlife.

5. Will the City of Ottawa publish its policy (and or City of Ottawa Police policy) or develop a bylaw on the treatment of dangerous wildlife within the City (coyotes, deer, moose, etc.)?

This is a question better answered by our By-Law services in terms of schedules and timelines.

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